Topic outline


    “Promoting social inclusion skills in a post-truth world: A gamified online platform and curriculum” (PROMIS) aims:

    1. To integrate up-to-date theoretical knowledge and research findings with practical case studies of social inclusion and of applied research on social inclusion, in order to develop the course curriculum "Building inclusive societies by promoting social inclusion and reducing discrimination: Theories, research, and interventions" (BUILD), which will foster social, civic, and intercultural competences.

    2. To use innovative pedagogies in developing learning contents in order to best meet the learning needs and characteristics of digital-native students, through the creation of a gamification manual based on the gamification of the BUILD curriculum.

    3. To enable flexible and collaborative learning and the acquisition of digital competences in students and teachers, through the development of the gamified online e-learning platform.

    4. To tackle discrimination and segregation issues and develop social inclusion skills through the creation and implementation of a dynamic and modular online course on the topic "Building inclusive societies: Promoting social inclusion and reducing discrimination" (eBUILD).