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    Babeș-Bolyai University (BBU) is a public higher-education institution and the largest Romanian university. It provides competitive BA, MA, and PhD programs in English, French, and Italian. BBU’s Department of Psychology is a leading educational institution in the field of Psychology, coordinating BA studies in Psychology, four MA programs, and a PhD program in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

    Researchers from the Department of Psychology taking part in the project:

    Oana Negru-Subtirica, Ph.D., Associate Professor, PROMIS project director

    Adrian Opre, Ph.D., Professor

    Lavinia E. Damian, Ph.D., Lecturer

    Dana Opre, Ph.D., Lecturer

    Ph.D. student Bogdan Glavan

    Ph.D. student Bianca Marinica

    Ph.D. student Casandra Timar-Anton


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    The University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and is considered to be the oldest university in Western Europe. Nowadays, it is one of the most important institutions of higher education across Europe with around 85.000 enrolled students, 32 research departments and 5 schools, 3000 academics and 3000 administrative staff. The PROMIS project is conducted at the Department of Psychology that is among the top departments within the University of Bologna in terms of scientific evaluation and research impact.

    Researchers taking part in the Project:

    Prof. Elisabetta Crocetti

    Dr. Savaş Karataş

    Dr. Michela Menegatti

    Prof. Silvia Moscatelli

    Prof. Monica Rubini

    Web-site of the institution:

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    Established in 1922, Kaunas University of Technology is the largest and oldest technological university in Lithuanian and one of the leading technological universities in the Baltics. KTU enrolls over 9000 students and has ~1000 academic staff employed over its 9 faculties and 8 research institutes. KTU offers degrees in technological and natural sciences, as well as social sciences, humanities, and arts. KTU is known for its leadership in scientific research, flexible interdisciplinary study programmes, and linkages with business. The interdisciplinary team of the PROMIS project includes researchers interested in social inequalities, youth and adolescent development, as well as innovative learning environments for the university students.


    Researchers taking part in the Project:

    Dr. Rasa Erentaitė (psychology)

    Dr. Dainora Maumevičienė (linguistics)

    Dr. Saulė Raižienė (psychology)

    Dr. Jurgita Jurkevičienė (sociology)

    Titty Varghese (political science)


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    The University of Bordeaux


    The University of Bordeaux is a multidisciplinary, research-focused, international institution, welcoming more than 56,000 students, of which almost 2,000 are PhD students and 7,200 are international students. Around 5,900 staff members are employed by the University, of which 3,200 are academic and research staff. Ranked within the top 14 universities in France for the quality of its academic courses and research, the University of Bordeaux was awarded the “Initiative of Excellence” by the French government in 2011, and was one of the first universities to obtain confirmation of this program in 2016. 

    The university has also developed a wide range of international study programs that are taught in English (or other languages) and that offer students the possibility of studying abroad and/or completing joint or double degrees. A leading university in France for participation in the Erasmus Mundus program, the University of Bordeaux offers 18 EU-labeled study programs of excellence.


    Researchers taking part in the project:

    Pr. Lyda Lannegrand

    Dr. Cyrille Perchec


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    The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (UKSW) has been one of the most frequently chosen public universities in Poland. At present, there are 16 000 students studying at 10 faculties. The University offers studies in Humanities as well as in Science. The PROMIS team members are researchers from the Faculty of Christian Philosophy, Institute of Psychology. We are psychologists work on the field of identity, values, methodology and psychometry. 


    Researchers taking part in the Project:

    Ph.D. Ewa Topolewska-Siedzik

    Ph.D. Dominika Karaś

    Ph.D. Joanna Świderska


    Web-site of the institution:

    Utrecht University logo

    Founded in 1636 and located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht University is one of Europe's leading research universities, recognised internationally for a high-quality, innovative approach to research and teaching.


    Researchers taking part in the Project:

    Prof. Susan Branje

    Dr. Belinda Hibbel 

    Isabelle Dielwart MSc


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    Researchers taking part in the project:

    Ph.D. Anca MUSTEA

    Technical coordination:

    Elena DOCHIE

    Cosmin HERMAN


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